PBS NewsHour to Air Segment on 'Relax, It's Just God'

I am very proud and happy to announce that my book will be featured on the PBS NewsHour's BookShelf segment sometime in the following week.

Or two.

Could be two weeks, actually. Especially if asshats in the south keep burning down black churches. Nothing will kick a book about tolerance off the NewsHour faster than shitheads doing intolerant things. 

But yeah, barring any unforeseen asshattery, look for me sometime this week between 6 and 7 p.m. on PBS. I should have six or seven hour's notice, so I'll update my Facebook and Twitter page as soon as I know the date. Just agree not to tell me if I seem overly nervous. Because I was. I WAS SO NERVOUS. And, honesty, I still am. This will be the first time Relax, It's Just God will be televised to a national audience. Hell, to ANY audience.

I do worry that I didn't properly convey the tone of the book (though I hope I did) or hit on the major points of the book (though I definitely tried). And, geez, dude, it was Jeffrey Brown! I already knew and admired the guy a lot by the time I sat down with him (which I did at the Shirlington Library just outside Washington D.C. on June 24). The whole thing was pretty intimidating. 

Anyway, however I came across (and notwithstanding the ridiculous amount of makeup they piled on my face for the show), I do hope you will watch.