That Time I Wasn't Hung Up On By a Radio Host

The first time I was interviewed for a radio station was 15 years ago. The BBC called me to talk about a political convention I had been covering. I was so nervous and exhausted from a long day. And they threw a question at me that I wasn't prepared to answer. I don't remember what I said, but I was apparently just terrible because the host thanked me for my time about seven seconds into the interview and then hung up on me. Nothing more humbling than being hung up on by the BBC, people. Anyway, this morning, I was interviewed again — this time on the Barry Morgan Show, which airs on a Montreal radio station called CJAD. We talked for, like, five whole minutes about girls and science. They plugged the book twice, unprompted. AND they didn't hang up on me even one time. Care to listen? Click here.