Daddy, Daughter Discuss God; Cuteness Ensues


Since my husband and I started talking with our 6-year-old daughter about God, the cuteness factor of our conversations has pretty much shot through the roof. Most God talks are so cute, in fact, that I've decided to have my thumb surgically attached to the Voice Memos app on my phone.

A recent example:

Daughter: I believe in God. And Nana believes in God.

Husband: Why do you believe in God?

Daughter: I know what he looks like. I’ll tell you what he looks like.  He has a very white, long beard that reaches up to heaven. He has a green shirt.

Husband: A T-shirt? Or a shirt with a collar?

Daughter: Actually it’s a red shirt and green jeans. Nobody believes this, but he’s bigger than the clouds. He can fly.

Husband: Cool!

Daughter: When people prayer, they’re actually talking to God.

Husband: When they pray, what do they say?

Daughter: ‘Dear God, I want you to give me a little pail'... like that.”

Husband: So they are asking for things?

Daughter: Yes.

Husband: Cool! And do they say 'Thank you'?

Daughter: Yes.

Husband: Great.

Daughter: NOW do you believe in God?

Husband: No, I really don’t believe in God. But that’s okay.

Daughter: He’s invisible.

Husband: So you can’t see him?

Daughter: He’s bigger than the sky.

Husband: Do you know what it’s called when you believe in something but you can’t see it?

Daughter: What?

Husband: Faith. And do you know why some people believe in God?

Daughter: Why?

Husband: They believe that God takes care of you.

Daughter: (Nodding) They believe God made our babies. God made us. God made the clouds. God made the sky. God made the sun. Everything in the whole wide world. Even wood. Even seeds.


Daughter: This is in the olden days, when Papa was first born.


So, yeah, I've gone ahead and taken the liberty of establishing a Thumb Surgery Fund. Contributions welcome.