Blog Turns One Year Old

Relax, It's Just a Typewriter

It's a little awkward to tell you guys this, but it's sort of my birthday. It's okay, don't worry about it. You didn't have it on your calendar, and you're really bad about this sort of stuff anyway. And, yes, you're right, I should have mentioned it sooner.

Anyway, as of four days ago, my blog is one year old. Happy Birthday, blog!

It's strange how fast the year has gone by. There was a time when I was convinced I had three, maybe four, blogs in me max. I was terrified of not having anything to write, of running out of steam, of losing interest. But those fears never did get traction. I've learned so much from this crazy journey — and I'm grateful to every single one of you who is reading and who has given me feedback during the last year.

I'm not proud of every blog I've written here. There are some things I've gotten wrong — one of my posts I removed entirely after only a day — but, as learning curves go, this one has been gentle and kind to me. And so have all of you. I know I don't meet eye-to-eye with all of you, but everyone has shown a lot of respect for my work here and I couldn't ask for better. The most unexpected thing is that the people who seem to take issue with my positions are mostly hardcore atheists — not super-religious people. (Although, to be fair, I'm sure that's only because the super-religious haven't found me yet.)

Frankly, I'm good with criticism from both sides. I'm all about balance — or aim to be, anyway. And I hope that comes across in my writing.

As for the book (because some of you have asked), it's coming along. Not coming along with an exclamation point (coming along!) but coming along with a jaw-tightening period. The thing about having a blog and a book going at the same time is that the entire process gets slowed considerably. The blog not only takes much more time and attention than one might think, but it demands that I look at the material a different way, take the time to revisit things again and again, and adapt my manuscript to what I see is needed. The book that will be finished will be the same book I set out to write — but better. Much, much better.

As for a finish date, I'm looking at December. (!) In the meantime, I hope to find the right home for the manuscript. When I do, you will be the first to know.

Thanks for a great year, everyone.

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