Survey Says!


As part of my book research, I’ll soon be conducting a formal survey of nonreligious/not-very-religion/quasi-religious parents on the subject of religion and kids. That is, people for whom religion is just not a major factor in their life decisions. Please note, this survey is not just for atheists, but for parents who don't feel a need to raise their children in a certain religion. The survey shouldn't take too long. Most of it will be multiple choice and focus on four main areas:

•  How have your beliefs (or non-beliefs) been influenced by your own religious background and upbringing?

•  What challenges and/or opportunities have you faced as a result of being a nonreligious parent?

•  How have you chosen to address religion with your children?

•  What would you say are benefits and drawbacks to handling of the subject the way you have?

If the survey is successful, the results could be of use to parents, sociologists, universities, and, of course, my own readers. But I’ll need hundreds of you to participate, so please pass around my name, url or email to anyone you know who might be able to take part.

In the meantime, are there any specific questions you'd like to see posed? If so, now's the time to air them.

Thanks, everyone.