'Science Stories' Column Garners Response by Jezebel

Jezebel, the deliciously snarky feminist blog, today wrote a response to my PBS NewsHour column ("Skip the fairy tales, and tell your daughter science bedtime stories.") The Jezebel response ("Should You Ditch FairyTales and Teach Your Daughter Science Instead?") was great. Mostly. The writer certainly agreed with the notion that we should be giving our daughters more exposure to science and mathematics, but then said:

"Where I disagree with Russell is on the idea that you have to 'skip the fairytales.' I think you can cultivate a spirit of independence in young girls without totally ditching fairytales, which are helpful in their own way. They are cultural artifacts, they exist in nearly every language in some form or another; they are cautionary tales, can be as gross and weird as spiders, and sometimes work as really good examples of what not to do."

The thing is, I never suggested that we trade in fairy tales for science stories. In fact, Maxine was a HUGE princess freak growing up — and still adores all fairy tales. She has a mountain of Barbies and a closet-full of pink dresses. Mine was never an either/or piece. I do see how the headline could have been seen as a tad misleading, but the folks who wrote it never meant that ALL fairy tales should be trashed or that ONLY science stories should be told at bedtime.

Still, a good essay — and there's no such thing as bad press, right?