Merry Evergreen

This is so like me. It's three days before Christmas and I'm leaving town, and I've managed to stockpile almost no evergreens, which is journalism-speak for those timeless stories you can plug in anywhere, anytime — particularly on slow news days and holidays. As a reporter, I used to have to write several evergreens a year, and you'd think I would have gotten good at it. But I never did. I always thought evergreens were kind of overrated and didn't commit the time to them that I should have. So now it's three days before Christmas and I'm leaving town, and I'm scrounging around on my desk for something to run. Let's see what we got here... some tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific... a copy of my mom's toffee recipe... a pile of kindergarten homework... a draft of my survey for nonreligious parents... my ever-expanding to-do-list... ah, here we go... Hey, why didn't I think of this before?

Although I wouldn't exactly call it timeless. In fact, I don't think you can get much more timely than a holiday card around the holidays. (See, I knew evergreens were overrated.)

Merry Everything, everyone. And thanks so much for reading.