Images of Faith (and Non-faith)

Shattered Faith 2

It's funny what you see when you start paying attention. I don't consider my city particularly religious, but there was a two-day period recently when religion seemed to pop up everywhere I looked. Maybe it was because I had been thinking about religious imagery through the eyes of children — about all they must see in the world around them that they don't understand.

I took all three of these pictures after randomly happening upon them. I wonder how many of you could take similar pictures in your neighborhoods — or if you already have.

God is Jesus: The Trinity (the concept that God is three separate and divine persons — a father, son AND a holy spirit) is almost impossible to comprehend, even for the most devoutly Christian. Looks like this kid's got in pretty well in hand, though. The cross with the crown is a nice touch.


Virgin Mary on the Half Shell: This statue stands next door Buddhist Temple and across the street from the Pacific Ocean. The day I drove by, a brother and sister — both grown — knelt and prayed, while their mother found a shady spot to stand and pray. The father, not pictured, took it upon himself to water all the flowers that people had left. There is something sweetly humbling about public prayer, isn't there? It's like people are saying: "Yes, I need a little help with this life thing. And I don't care who knows it."


Shattered Faith: I found this on a patch of grass between the sidewalk and street in a residential neighborhood. I like the way the crack in the sidewalk seems to connect with the crack in the glass — as though the whole world is shattering. That must be the way some people feel when they lose their faith in God.

Anyone else have photos of fun or unusual religious/nonreligious imagery in your town? I'd love to see them. If you're so inclined, please send JPEGS to