Don't Label Me, Man

We humans are all about labels. From such an early age, labels are so central to our identities. We're constantly looking for ways to divide and unify, divide and unify, divide and unify — starting with gender and age, and then blossoming into 150 million other identifying marks. It's all so, well, annoying.

When I decided to write a blog for nonreligious parents, my belief system suddenly became central to my life and work. I've felt I had to label myself as nonreligious — atheist, if pressed. But prior to a year and a half ago, religion played absolutely no role in my life. I didn't think about it. I didn't care about it. I didn't fight about it or talk about it — or not talk about it. When asked, I'd say I wasn't religious, but that was rare because so few people around me seemed to be basing our relationship on that particular piece of knowledge.

Even today, if it weren't for my work, I wouldn't be all that curious about people's religious choices. The way I see it, we're defined by our actions, so when the people around me are humble, noble, gracious, and ethical, I tend to ask approximately zero questions about what made them that way. I don't have time; I'm  too damn busy trying to model that same behavior myself.

Sometimes labeling can be a good thing, I don't deny that. It can make lonely people feel not so alone. It can help organize the disenfranchised and educate the ignorant. But wearing labels can feel really shitty, too. Especially when those labels are used against individuals — to pigeonhole them, prejudge them and put them down. Labels also sometimes remove our sense of independence and freethinking. (The irony, of course, is that even "Independent" and "Freethinking" have managed to become labels of their own.)

This is all to say... oh, hell, I don't even know anymore. I guess I'm just trying to come to terms with the fact that none of the traditional labels of non-faith — atheist, agnostic, skeptic, secularist, naturalist, ignosticist, apatheist, etc. — seem really to apply to me. Not when it comes to these labels as "movements" anyway.

Even "humanist" has become a loaded word. At its core, humanism is simply a devotion to the humanities — and it sounds so damn nice, doesn't it? Human, humanitarian, humanity. All beautiful words! "Humanist" seems to roll off my tongue the same way that "atheist" gets stuck in my throat. But, more and more, I see "humanism" acting as a secret code word for "atheism." Which, I suppose, isn't a bad thing. Perhaps "humanism" helps keep stereotypes at bay, at least for a while. Perhaps Nonbelievers Formerly Known As Atheists can relax a little, let their guards down, redirect, refocus, breathe.

So here's my question: Do you think it's important to have a label when it comes to religion/non-religion? Why ? And what the hell do you call yourselves?

By the way, I'm on vacation next week and won't be posting again until after the holiday; so, everyone, enjoy your Fourth of July!