Beginnings & Endings: New Book, Collaborative Journalism Series, and Saying Goodbye to 'Natural Wonderers' Blog

Time to dust off the old blog here and offer a few updates. First off — for those of you who don't know — I'm writing a second book! ParentShift: A Guide to Raising Children Without Timeouts, Reward Charts & Other Old-Fashioned Gimmicks is a joint effort between me and my parenting gurus/friends, Linda and Ty Hatfield, of Parenting from the Heart.

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NewsHour Picks Up Holiday Cheat Sheet

My Holiday Cheatsheet for Nonreligious Parents is gaining a wider audience, having been picked up recently by the PBS NewsHour website. (Have I mentioned how much I love working with those guys?!) First, they ran my piece on Ash Wednesday and Lent. Then, this week, they ran my piece on Purim. You may have noticed they are a bit more conservative in their word usage; whereas it was originally called: "Quick! What the Hell is Purim?," The NewsHour changed it to "Quick! What the Heck is Purim?" Oh, PBS. You are so PG. But who's complaining?